“Discover how Webmasters and SEO Companies Are Taking Advantage Of Your Hard Earned Dollars!

In this online version of our 6-week intensive, in-class, internet marketing training series you’ll learn how to create and manage your own revenue and lead generating websites, hands-on and step by step by experienced coaches, without needing all the technical know how that has been preventing you from starting or promoting your business online.

You’ll discover  the tactics and all the strategies we use on all of our sites and client sites that will give your website that “leading edge” to get your website TOP RANKING AND VISITOR TRAFFIC.

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From: Mike Tersigni

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Building your own website and marketing it can seem like an impossible, time sucking task witInternet Marketinghout having the proper tools and knowing a ton of technical jargon. Who wants to learn all that technical coding mumbo-jumbo like PHP, HTML, CSS, JAVA Script, and Flash if you don’t have to.

By poking around the internet and trying to figure out online marketing by yourself, you may have already come to realize just how overwhelming internet marketing training can be… information overload! 

This is your chance to get the help and direction you need, work with an experienced team and narrow it down so you can learn what you need to know, in plain  language.  Work with real website owners for a more personalized, hands-on learning experience.

Print media advertising is just not effective anymore.

If you are a busonline searchiness owner, then to put it simply, you need to have a business presence online. Over 78% of North America is now using the internet – that means your potential customers are searching for products and services on the internet first, before they buy OR when they buy!

Print advertising – like flyers, yellow pages and mailings are getting more and more expensive but are less and less effective than ever – generating a mere 1% ROI (return on investment). Today, people are using the internet more than any other media to research, shop and buy! Don’t get left behind!!!

Right now, marketing on the internet is simply the least expensive AND one of the most effective methods of lead generation and making or increasing your sales in any business.

Dealing with a webmaster can be slow and really expensive!

Webmaster Hiding You could hire a webmaster to build a website for you but be prepared for: waiting around for them to return your calls and emails, really slow turn around times, extra charges for every little change or addition – even just changing or updating text on YOUR website. When you really need to contact them, it can become like a game of hide and seek as you wait for their response to the changes you need right away. Who wants to play games when you need to make changes to your website NOW!

Trying to do it alone can be confusing and take forever!

You could search the internet for bits and pieces of marketing and website building knowledge and spend months – even years gathering information and trying to learn it all yourself and still not have a website up and performing.

Especially with so much information on the web, this can be extremely frustrating, when there is a much simpler way to be up and running quickly, on your way to increasing your business leads, traffic, and sales much, much sooner.

Beware! There are a lot of courses out there that provide fragmented pieces of the puzzle, most charging over a thousand dollars just to teach you how to do it yourself. Some are so full of fluff, sales hype and technical requirements that 95% of enrolled students never succeed.

The truth is, there are a lot of people out there paying serious money to SEO companies to either have a website built for them, or they are taking some static, online *virtual* course from a Guru who has never actually ever sold anything but online opportunities. Great for theory learning but not so good for practical experience. 

We’re confident that you will find our method of “teaching, coaching and support” with experienced e-commerce business owners  is the most effective way to creating real results that is faster and easier. We have found this to be very effective with our in class courses. Everything that we teach, we use within our own e-commerce businesses.

Easier tools are now available.

Back in 1998 when I first began selling products online, there were payment credit card processors that wouldn’t properly “work” into my website , complex shopping cart systems and database management nightmares. The learning curve was HUGE! It was so complicated, time consuming and stressful for a non-technical guy like me, just trying to get the basics in place so I could have a decent website was a nightmare.

Then a website building and editing software (Content Management System or CMS) called WordPress® was released, and it soon became the number #1 Open Source (free to use) CMS software available! Not surprising because it became so much easier to create and publish websites online fast – and the search engines – like Google, just love it! Our websites were being listed in Google and other major search engines within 2-3 days, not 3 to 6 months like before.

WordPress® is best known as a blogging platform but has the amazing potential to be used for almost any type of website: business card sites, e-commerce sites, lead generation, sales page sites, personal and hobby sites, information sites, membership sites, associations, name capture pages, and just about every other type of website you can imagine.

In fact, WordPress® is so flexible, so easy to use and so easy to teach that it became my passion to learn it and then use it for our websites and our client’s websites. That way I could also teach them how easy it is to update and manage their own websites, saving them thousands of dollars and hours of time and frustration.

Finally, no more waiting for the webmaster when you can do it yourself! We have developed Creative Web Courses to be an easy and affordable method of launching websites fast that can systematically create sales, generate leads and stimulate income from your own products, services, and existing business, or with affiliate products, using the same tried and true methods we use on all of our sites, partnered sites, client sites and e-stores.

You will gain the skills for producing your own unlimited network of fully automated and optimized websites that will do all of the selling and lead generation for you.

Not Just Another Home Study Course Collecting Dust… 

sweet spot seo internet marketing classThis is online interactive training, we will be with you every step as if you were actually in one of our classrooms. Discover the shortcuts, systems and tools for creating your own website, improving an existing website, getting traffic, increasing customer conversions, from start to finish. Make one website then have the ability to make a dozen! You can repeat this process over and over again, to create a real growing online business enterprise network.

This is not a get rich quick scheme but the potential to grow a new or existing online business that performs – even when you are sleeping. We teach the methods that have and continue to work for us in real life; the methods that produce sales for us every day. Learn as fast – or as slowly as you want, all the techniques for building your own business or have the ability offer web services to other businesses – you will become the expert!

We take your success seriously, so while you’re taking the course, you can contact us via telephone or email or through the forum with any questions you may have. What other teacher gives students their personal phone number? NONE. Online technical support with our team and one on one coaching is also available, should you need it.

With Creative Web Courses you will learn hands on where you can ask any questions while creating your website. We will motivate you throughout the process so that you will see results quickly. We have all tried home study courses that we haven’t completed or that have just sat on the shelf because they were just not what we expected. That’s why we have designed the program to be interactive, informative, productive, social and fun!

Sometimes it’s hard just getting started….

We have removed all of the obstacles to starting a business online and have made the process as simple as possible to get you started on the right foot. We’ll even help promote your new website on our network of news publication and marketing websites, where it will be seen and crawled by all the major search engines, social media, and the thousands of people who visit these news and information sites.

With Creative Web Courses:
  • Learn How to launch a website quickly to capitalize on your ideas.
  • How to dominate the search engines with your website.
  • Attract maximum traffic to your website, business or promotions.
  • Gain the skills to offer the knowledge that you learn to others

We are committing our time to helping you at any point throughout the course!

More personalized learning means you won’t have to wait to get your questions answered and you won’t be handed a support ticket number. We want to make sure that you don’t feel like you’re getting lost in the masses – like all those web and marketing “Guru” courses. That’s because our classes are not run by self-proclaimed “Gurus” but rather, by certified, true web professions with real life experience in e-commerce and affiliate marketing.

You can get feedback on your project, hands on help and instruction, answers to your specific questions, and shared knowledge with others in the community.

Create a functional OPTIMIZED website and all the training to manage it yourself.

Outstanding Support and Coaching

** Based on our WordPress Website Creation 6 Week Intensive Workshop **

“24/7 access- Learn at your own pace”

WordPress Training Module
  • 70 video training and reference library so you can be the expert at making your website shine!
  • Never get stuck again and have to rely on someone else to make changes to your website.
  • We have made this the most complete and easy to understand WordPress Course available
Internet Marketing Module
  • 11 video training course covering the fundamentals of Internet Marketing and what it really takes to succeed. NO FLUFF HERE!
  • Gain the knowledge of what is working right now, everything from list building to strategic marketing.
Traffic Module
  • 10 video training course including highly successful tactics to drive droves of highly targeted visitors to you website or offline business.
  • Includes in depth Search Engine Optimization training so you can get traffic fast.
Web Tools
  • Your own arsenal of web tools to make your projects easy, saving you time and money.
Ebooks and Reports Section
  • Industry leading info to help your business grow.
Professional Web Graphics
  • Hundreds of  royalty free web graphics and website headers you can legally use on your websites.
Templates and Themes
  • Your personal library of  WordPress themes to choose from.
Niche Videos
  • Over 30 pre-made videos (and growing) covering many industries and businesses for you to use the power of video on your website and in your marketing. Easy to edit with your information, you can take advantage of this highly successful method of online marketing or have a professional video for your website. All Royalty Free
Q&A Replays and More!
  • Q&A recorded responses  to help keep you on track and up to date on new additions.
  • Updates and new courses additions as long as your a member.


Hear what our former students had to say…

I had a web-site for over 3 years and was getting very little business from it and did not understand why. I had extremely limited knowledge of how websites worked and was frustrated that I needed to pay developers every time I wanted changes made....read more...

I signed up for the web development course and and within 6 weeks I had designed my own web-site and had it up and running. Most important for me, due to my limited computer experience, was that the course included concise and easy to understand steps . I always felt that I understood what was being taught and how everything comes together to produce an effective website. The course also included understanding key concepts in getting my site being ranked high on a Google search, how to drive business to my site and many other subjects that are critical to a successful web-site but that I had no knowledge or understanding of. I could not believe what I had learned in such a short time. If I had known how much knowledge I would gain through this course I would gladly have paid thousands of dollars because I feel so strongly about the value of the information that was taught, how effectively it was presented and the thoroughness of the subject matter. Mike has provided me with the ability to secure a stronger web presence for my business and given me my own personal understanding of what needs to be done to maintain that strong presence which has already resulted in increased business. I look forward to any new courses that Mike may offer in the future and will be the 1st one to sign up!” Diane Thomas

Mike is an excellent trainer. He made Website Creation a fun and exciting journey for me. One that I went into with hesitation due to lack of knowledge....read more...

He assure me by the end of the course I would be able to understand and build my own site and I am. The course was very detailed with very clear instructions to follow. The webinars were very valuable tools that made staying on course easy. I appreciate the time and effort he has invested into making sure that each participant stays on track. He is dedicated to giving value to others in whatever way he can and goes above and beyond to ensure the success of anyone who is his student or client. Thank you Mike for your patience, persistence and dedication to helping others, myself in particular to become a successful website owner and better small business. I am so excited that I built a website and each time I do something that turns out great I celebrate. With great appreciation.” Mala Mahabir, Author of “Animal Alphabet Adventures” and winner of “2010 City of Pickering Literature Award”

I started from scratch with very little knowledge of website building, and to my great amazement now I have my own website! Although some members already had some knowledge and some already had their own websites....read more...

, Mike was able to work with experienced as well as non-experienced participants in a way so we all had what we needed to get the job done. Mike’s instruction is A+ and very approachable. He is very much willing to help each participant succeed in their venture by sharing tools and ideas from a wealth of knowledge and personal experience. I fully appreciated the members’ on-line access to pre-recorded ‘how-to’ modules because it made it so much easier for a beginner like me to review and follow the steps. I liked the advantage of being able to access these modules again and again until I understood each concept fully. The personal ongoing support both during the course and afterwards is superior to any course or workshop I’ve taken. The on-line sessions are very easy to access without having to download any additional software, and the ability to contact the instructor live through chat made it very much an interactive experience: almost as good as being in the classroom! I highly recommend the courses here for anyone who is looking for expert knowledge on how to build their own website, either as a business or for pleasure. A great resource for anyone who wants to deal with a good and honest company that makes it it’s mission to help others and over delivers on its promises; and empowering for anyone who wants to take full control of their site rather than allow their webmaster to hold all power. I am very pleased with the outstanding service I received. Your company delivers true value in today’s competitive market and you definitely get a lot more than you pay for when you take their courses! Mirta, Ajax, ON

“For unlimited access, your initial charge will be $47. We’ll work together to get your business website or project up and running quickly or improve your existing one. There is no obligation to remain as a member. You will then be charged $47 per month if you decide to continue with the training and marketing”

Included to help you get results fast…

“Website Creation”

We’ll demonstrate from start to finish how to setup and create a successful website with WordPress while you follow along creating your own. We’ll even show you how you can make extra money using your website – even if you don’t have any products or services of your own to sell. You will also learn the master techniques and skills for achieving high ranking in the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to gain more visibility, authority and more…


“Q&A Coaching Workshops”

You can ask questions specifically about YOUR website where we will go over your action steps and progress. 

“Private Members Area”

You will be given access to the members area where all course modules, contact information, replays, videos, mini-course webinars, tools and bonuses will be stored. No “drip feed” content here, you have access to all courses and media and future module additions and updates so you can learn no matter what your skill level is and get the info you need when you need it.

“Video Training to walk you through Step by Step”

In case you missed anything or want a refresher, you will have complete access to all of the recorded web training videos and short mini videos that you can follow along with, so you can learn by doing and take action.


“Interactive Student Forum Q&A area”

Interact with us and your fellow students, get answers for your questions, advice, reviews and ideas from the forum.


How’s THAT for value!!!


Bonus # 1

Bonus #1

Facebook Marketing

The Facebook How-To Video Course will walk you through Facebook step by step. Everything from setting up your Facebook account, to building a loyal customer base with the tried & true strategies and easy techniques that will work for you, regardless if you have failed at marketing within other social outlets, such as Twitter or Digg or MySpace. Become A Complete Facebook Pro! Learn the in’s and out’s of the entire system and discover how you can utilize its built in ‘modules’ to instantly generate traffic to your site! In order for your business to remain viable in today’s market place you should know how to use the latest social media elements, most importantly Facebook!

$47 Value Included!


Bonus # 2

The FAST TRACK method is an accumulation of all the knowledge I have learned over the last decade of building websites quickly for myself and clients. I have never shared this information with ANYONE simply because it would greatly effect the amount of paying clients I would have if they knew this information. I am sharing this method only with my students because I truly want you to be successful in your online marketing and save you from the huge learning curve and headaches I had when I first started. If there is one thing I have learned over the years of launching websites and teaching students, it’s that the speed of executing your ideas is crucial to quicker results and success. You can follow along with this module as I build a money making website from scratch every step of the way. I tried to put a value on this information but really can’t, because I would never sell it on it’s own, it can truly be used to build an entire business around.



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Reserve your spot today! Try out the class, course modules, work on your website project, ask questions and explore the private members area for a full 60 days “Risk Free”.

If you are not completely thrilled with the value of the information learned, including the program, coaching, members forum, webinar sessions, tools and graphics, simply send us a request to cancel and we’ll part as friends. We are so confident that you are going to love-love-love the internet marketing training, tools, methods and support we use to get stuff done fast on all of our own websites and client sites.

Questions? We’re here to help     1-888-394-8883    info@creativewebcourses.com


YES Mike! Please Reserve My Spot!

  • I understand that this is a online course teaching me the skills of website building and website marketing.
  • I understand that I have not been made any financial claims or income promises as my income is directly dependent on my own efforts and actions.
  • I understand that I may review all of the course material through the video sessions and that I will have full access to the members area and future modules added as long as I am a member.
  • I understand that once my order is placed, you will promptly process my order, reserve my space and send me my access details to the members area.
  • I understand that I can try out the course risk free and if I don’t see the value of building and controlling my own online business, I can cancel and get a full refund within 60 days. I also understand that I can cancel my membership status at anytime without obligation.


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“For unlimited access, your initial charge will be $47. You will then be charged $47 per month.”

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